Allegations of “sexual battery” emerge against attorney Jeffrey Herman

The Floridian lawyer specializes in sexual harassment law and represents two actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein.

Not a day passes without new revelations in the Harvey Weinstein media scandal, and on December 8 a new twist emerged: The Hollywood Reporter (THR) published a police report accusing one of the attorneys representing alleged Weinstein victims ­– Jeffrey Herman of Boca Raton, Florida ­– of sexual misconduct himself.

The report was filed in 1998 at the Plantation, Florida, Police Department. The report contains graphic details of how Herman lured the young woman to his home on the pretense of a business meeting, but quickly moved on her and threw her on his bed. When she resisted, the report states, “he rolled her over and told her to relax and enjoy herself”. It continues: “After taking off his pants she stated that he put his head between her legs, and stated ‘I want to eat you out’.”

When the young woman continued to resist, Herman reportedly “took her hand, and put it on his penis. At that time he said ‘just finish me of’.”

When THR called Herman for a comment, the 57-year-old divorced attorney initially sought to distance himself from the report, but was later heard mumbling: “Oh crap!” The entertainment news organization published the police report as well as the sound recording of the call.

Herman has been involved in more than a dozen civil lawsuits, for debt and misconduct. He was the debtor in four large federal tax liens filed between 2014 and 2017, for a total of unpaid tax debt of nearly $2m; $246,570 remain outstanding. In 1998, Herman was barred permanently by a judge in the Oregon District Court from his courtroom for misrepresentations and other bad faith conduct. In 2009, Herman’s license to practice law in Florida was suspended for 18 months after he allegedly violated his attorney-client obligations. Herman, at the time practicing under law firm Herman and Grubman, hired an employee from his client Aero Control to open a competing business and use the expertise of his client’s former employee.

In 2013, Herman was issued a criminal traffic violation in Palm Beach Court for driving with a suspended license. And in 2016, First American Bank filed a case against Herman and associates in Palm Beach County FL Circuit Civil Central Court for foreclosure action against a property at 17685 Circle Pond Court, Boca Raton – a residential address associated with Herman.

Apart from financial damage, Herman, who has two daughters and two sons, also caused substantial reputational damage through aggressive litigations for alleged sexual misconduct. Although he styles himself as an “expert” in the field and has appeared on Fox News, CNN and in The New York Times, he has been accused of extorting settlements from innocent public figures, including three Hollywood insiders. In 2014, Herman represented aspiring actor Michael Egan against TV executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman.

Egan alleged the pair sexually assaulted him in Los Angeles and Hawaii, but when a deposition surfaced that showed Egan had in fact never left continental US, he changed his charges to assault in Los Angeles only. The case collapsed, and Ancier and Neuman counter-sued, stating the aim of the case had been to “smear, harass and severely injure Mr Ancier as part of an avowed and very public campaign by Mr Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats of sexual assault charges”. The parties settled out of court, understood to be for a seven-figure-sum and a letter of apology.

Among other victims of Herman’s predatory actions have been X-Men producer, director and author Bryan Singer and Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, who resigned over the allegations even though they were later proven false.

Herman now represents actress Dominique Huett and actress-turned-stylist Kadian Noble in their sexual harassment lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein.

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