Celebrity attorney Jeff Herman accused of rape by a former employee

Jeff HermanJeffrey ’Jeff’ Herman is a self-proclaimed aggressive, passionate and skilled trial lawyer and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Citing his modest profile on his Herman Law website: “he understands the unique issues involved in the representation of survivors of rape and sexual abuse”.

Yet his understanding may come as no surprise, as he himself faced serious accusations of rape from his young receptionist in 1998.

At the time of the incident, Herman was 39 years old and practicing law in Miami, specialising in commercial litigation. His 19-year-old receptionist had only been working with him for a couple of months when he invited her to his house, before proceeding to rape her. A 58-page police report uncovered by The Hollywood Reporter details how Herman removed his traumatised receptionist’s clothes and violated her cruelly with his hands and penis:

“After taking off his pants she stated that he put his head between her legs, and stated “I want to eat you out” (…) She said stop, and squirmed away (…) Once again she pushed away and told him that she wasn’t going to have sex with him (…) when she refused, he took her hand, and put it on his penis. At that time he said “just finish me off.””

In the absence of sufficient evidence, Broward County assistant state attorney Dennis Nicewander could not pursue the case, going against police recommendation. To this day, Nicewander defends his decision: “Cases in which we believe the victims but cannot initiate lawsuits are frequent”.

When the prominent media outlet The Hollywood Reporter recently contacted Herman for a statement, the lawyer expressed his disbelief at the allegations of rape against him.

However, when asked for a comment regarding his former receptionist, he paused significantly and was heard mumbling: “Oh, crap”. Clearly, Herman was hoping these allegations would never resurface, contentions such as these would unavoidably reveal his hypocrisy and double-game.

Indeed, Herman has lately been linked to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, acting on behalf of actresses Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett, who are accusing the Hollywood heavyweight of sexual harassment. However, as described above, Herman’s own conduct with women is fundamentally questionable, this goes without mentioning the 12 civil lawsuits filed against him, four IRS liens, two disciplinary procedures for dishonesty, a foreclosure action, the suspension of his licence to practice law in 2009, and being barred from a courtroom for dishonest conduct in 1998.

Undoubtedly, one can question how this man has been able to build his entire career on representing victims of sexual abuse, having himself victimised, humiliated, and left a young woman with lifelong traumatising aftereffects following his vile attack.