JH3For many, the New Year is synonym of positive thinking, new beginnings, good resolutions, and wishing for a fruitful year ahead. However, this certainly does not apply to everyone as proven by the latest sex scandal surrounding Jeff Herman and his legal firm.

The American lawyer based in Florida and specializing in sexual abuse victims has recently been caught up by his own incriminating past. Headlines such as: “Jeff Herman, Go-To Attorney for Hollywood Sex Abuse Claims, Was Once Accused of Rape”, “Attorney Who Sued Bryan Singer for Child Rape Accused of Rape in 1998”, “Celebrity attorney Jeff Herman accused of rape by a former employee”, to cite only a few, have seriously tarnished the lawyer’s reputation.

The Hollywood Reporter first recounted the rape allegations in December 2017, and released the full police report filed by the nineteen years old victim 5 days following the attack:

After taking off his pants she stated that he put his head between her legs, and stated “I want to eat you out” (…) She said stop, and squirmed away (…) Once again she pushed away and told him that she wasn’t going to have sex with him (…) when she refused, he took her hand, and put it on his penis. At that time he said “just finish me off.””

At the time of the incident, Herman was 39 years old and practicing law in Miami, specialising in commercial litigation. His nineteen years old receptionist had only been working with him for a few months when he invited her to his house, where he violently assaulted her.

Extraordinarily, Broward County assistant state attorney Dennis Nicewander did not pursue the case, going against police recommendation, in a typical situation of her word against his.

Ironically, this episode occurred at the same time Herman was shifting his practice from low-profile commercial litigation to more profitable sex abuse cases, which then became the firm’s principle sector of activity.

Ever since, Herman has become the go-to lawyer on sexual abuse cases in Hollywood, recently representing actresses Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett in the notorious Weinstein scandal. Herman has largely profited from his status, appearing on television shows to talk about his cases and others, and releasing publications such as: “It isn’t easy, but here’s how you bring down powerful men accused of rape”.

Oh the irony!

This is another scandal on the brink of eruption with the #MeToo campaign reaching all-time highs, added to the previous string of lies that have soiled Herman’s career. Among other victims of his predatory actions are X-Men producer, director and author Bryan Singer and Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, in high-profile sexual harassment cases in which he represented victims, only motivated by money and fame, much like himself – many of which were dismissed as false.

We can only wish the self-proclaimed aggressive, passionate and skilled lawyer and advocate for survivors of rape, good luck for 2018. He is about to fight the biggest case of his career, his own. Or should we say, good riddance Jeff.

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